How This Guy Lost $5,000,000 Trading


  1. I accidently set huge ammout in weak win ration & lose just 1 mintue before,😊 feeling like slapping my own face…. it's ok, it's okkk.. okkkk…Enough Trading for today, See ya tomorrow maket😊

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  4. You can make it back! Remember January February next correction expected. Then right moment to buy under 30 000 dollar levels for bitcoin and ofcourse altcoins will be by that time in great promotions

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  6. That’s insane… but relatable… I have the issue of occasionally trading against the market and thinking that perhaps if I just re-enter the trade after my stop is hit that I will either have a better entry or that the movement is over in said direction… for example, shorting a strong bullish day because one has a bearish bias and thinks “okay, we pushed up here, I’m going to short it back down” but when it doesn’t work once or twice in a row, to continue doing it until I get a drawdown that makes me uncomfortable with continuing to do the same thing… I obviously stop when that happens but sometimes it can wipe out a couple days profit when I get carried away and headstrong. Otherwise I just make everything back very quickly because I have a profitable edge in both directions (my intuition and technical analysis skizzles). It’s a lesson I am going to learn more of because it’s been happening to me for a couple months where I get head strong rather than just taking what the market gives – I think it’s important to learn how to adapt when markets change… for example, the transition between bearish and bullish or bullish and bearish, or consolidation phases – one thing may work phenomenally in a bullish market trend while it may fail horribly in a consolidation/grinding market, or bearish… very important to consider this quickly, otherwise one may find themselves trading agains the market and the market will always win!

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