How the fall of FTX could be a turning point for cryptocurrency | About That

Super Bowl ads, celebrity endorsements and major investors made it clear: FTX was a cryptocurrency exchange superstar. Then it …


  1. Predicting< a reversal of a trend is risky, and even worse, I believe there is more to this market than we understand currently.
    As a new investor, 15 months of trading / investing, I went 95% cash end of September. We cannot predict bottoms, but it was obvious things were getting ready to go down. I don't watch the media but the news that you present gives me just enough to know what's going on without riding the emotional rollercoaster if I were to watch the news everyday. Now I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 10.6BTC from day trading with Jacob Kucia . Signal in 5 weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets as it goes bearish

  2. Right now, the wisest thing for everyone to do is to invest in non-government sources of income. Especially given the current global economic crisis. This is still a fantastic time to invest in stocks and digital currencies.

  3. " A turning point for crypto currency…" FTX plus a rash of other failures occurring almost simultaneously should be the nail in the coffin of cryptocurrencies. And yet, with the public support of luminaries like President Biden (whose own son is up to his neck in it), various "elites," and a captive financial press, the very "too big to fail"(because we will have to bail them out at the cost of further inflation) banks that own the Fed and each of the other CB's are working like the devil (figuratively and literally) 24/7 behind the scenes to ram through a bill imposing a Fed crypto to completely replace the existing money system. It would impose NIRP plus enough special charges to make your phone bill blush- and a little nip out off your wallet for each transaction. Read "crypto," think "klepto." TELL CONGRESS: "NO FED CRYPTO FOR ME!!"

  4. Crypto – that thing you buy then spend every other waking hour trying to convince others to do the same just so you can get your money back.

    When was the last time you saw someone spamming to pump up Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Lockheed Martin etc stocks or USD, CND, Euros?

  5. Report from a couple of guys who really don't know crypto so well. At least bring on someone from the industry. Canadian crypto community is replete with entrepreneurs, organizations and decent individuals.

  6. Here i'll save you 13 mins…

    You should care because a canadian pension plan invested in it doing 0 due dilligence. What they invested in was a company run by college kids who yolo'd your money and bought political favour to avoid justice.

  7. Not your Keys. not your Crypro! If you hold token/coins In an exchange or any platform where you don't have the private key to the wallet, then you are at risk to of these types of events happening. Exchanges should only be used when you want to trade and when you have completed your transactions, get the tokens/coins back into your wallet at your control.

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