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  1. The world needs to get themselves together. Yesterday was the dollar.. today is the ruble. Tomorrow is the yuan. Next thing we know. We are going to use all of them as toilet paper because everyone can't make up their minds what is the international currency.

  2. Being louder doesn't make people listen to you. Showing facts to back up it up will make people think their opinions over. I didn't have a good impression on the title because it's replacing the dollar but your explanation quarter into the video. You had my attention. You didn't take sides. Stating all the facts on both sides. The good and bad. USA is getting a bad reputation right now but it's not going to be as bad as China. They might get their sweet candy deals with China because China wanted to destroy USA, but when they are finished with the USA. Some of these countries will feel the poison in those candies.

  3. If USA and de Europe union stops buying things from China than China and Russia go 300 years back in time!
    USA and Europe union there’s we’re the money is!
    Freedom Putin and China for the people that’s wat we have in Europe union and VS no dictator!!!

  4. Money is not the object for future care of our mother earth Pana bear okidoke its a world united effort but one mother wisdom far greater than gold and fine silver remember where u came from and how much is achieved in last hundred years but appreciate its not all glitz and glamor wen veil and cloaks are removed

  5. The era of dollar hegemony is almost over !
    America is digging its own grave by using dollar hegemony to punish other countries !
    America is over with a bunch of brainless and immoral politicians !

  6. It’s going to be a longgggggg while before US loosing the $$ dominance, especially if trump is back in the White House by 2024. Gotta understand the political regimes in Russia and China doesn’t change for years however in the US it can change every 4 years and both the parties come with progressive policies let’s be honest America isn’t that stupid they definitely have something up there sleeves to counter the China Russia threat.

  7. If every one accepts online banking and banks close your money will become different type of currency it will be traded with your not known about consent meaning the bank that no longer exists will trade your money for traders pockets ALL WORLD POPULATION WILL HAVE TO STAND UP WITH A VOICE AND YELL NO NO NO YOU WILL BECOME YOUR OWN TORTURE BECAUSE YOU JUST WENT WITH THE FLOW

  8. Нам это в школе и в новостях объясняют, типа Миллера, а здесь народ вообще в экономику не шарит 😅 привет, из России. Теперь вам понятно почему ПРАВЫ именно мы ) Это была хорошая система $/товар. Но.
    Всё было хорошо до момента, когда США и ЕС решили, что могут блокировать и даже конфисковать доллары нашей страны, или любой другой, которая не слушается из, в перспективе 🤷‍♂️

  9. China's zero covid policy has trade at a stand still, so that's a challenge and Russia's in a war, another challenge. Bad timing for them both.

  10. So, where does India stand in this 'war' between USD & Yuan? In its own way, India has started trading in Rupees with a few countries, but how far it can be taken? As it is, INR is falling against USD!

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