How Much Tectonic To Be Crypto Millionaire. #invest #cryptocurrency #crypto #tonic #tectonic


  1. Hmm? Or if the price doubles? What if it 10x 's? Could easily do so… are more people investing than before or will they be? Inflation plays a part but people also may want to get more out of their money and banks dont do this, plus institutions and venture capital love gains too. So maybe tectonic will snowball … is pretty rock bottom. We saw shiba coin, tectonic has far less circulating and has staking … with a 10 day cool down so people may decide not to unstake .. plus you cant incrementally unstake as you have to wait 10 days each time. Really can act as a savings if you get it this low and stake it

  2. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about if you look at his last video she said tectonic has a 500 million market cap 🧢 At the moment Titanic is a good crypto to buy don’t get me wrong it’s just he stupid

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