How Many People Own 1 Bitcoin? THIS IS SHOCKING!

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  2. You can buy a slice of pizza, though… The brother of a guy I know lost 92 BTC around 2021/2022… His (stupid) girlfriend formatted some files on his computer… =(

  3. Every time I DCA , I wonder how I can even buy any… just too little qty available.
    I am a gambler and this has gotten by me more than once.. I had many chances since 2009. Late to the game but I am collecting Satoshi’s now for wealth preservation. If I get to enjoy some alone the way….great, if not. 10m Satoshi’s be enough to leave for the punk kids !
    Maybe they can buy a loaf of bread for 1 Satoshi’s 😳…

  4. I got my head bitten off with another chat group for posting this but I still don't understand why in 100 years the lost coins will come back? If quantum computing is all states being recognized at the same time and one of the states being correct how is it not possible to eventually crack the corect seed phrase…"Ultimately with faster and faster computing power (quantum or not) any and all lost BTC, including Satoshi's, will rejoin the pack. If the holder of the keys don't keep up with security updates because they're either dead or the keys are really lost, then that Bitcoin, after maybe a hundred year hibernation, will eventually rejoin the pack under new ownership. None of the BTC will ever go away."

  5. I remember when I just got into crypto back in 2019 but later in 2020 I ended up selling it because I was dumb and I didn't understand it. I studied and learned and now I know how it works. Got back into crypto early in 2023 with 10k and I’m up with 128k in a short period of time.

  6. its insane how very little supply and huge potential demand, Michael Saylor for exp. he is 1 person with 3 btc account (1 for personal, 2nd for business, 3rd for stocks) if all 8bi ppl in the world had their ownership of a business and stocks the actual demand would be 24bi divided by 17mi 📈🔼NGU🔼

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  8. Thanks! Your video calms me down everyday I watch it when the market is pumping! I'm going with your insights. It makes the most sense with where we are at in the cycle. The only thing that would make me think this cycle could be slightly different is the overall increased adoption of crypto since 2019 and all the hype with the BTC/ETH ETF speculation. Could the market stay held up this cycle by the anticipation of ETFs and the overall awareness that a bull run is coming? The surge is speculated to possibly be the beginning of a massive new uptrend, making it a crucial time for investors to pay attention, I've personally benefited from following Michelle Combs trading tactics, amassing 5 bitcoins in a short four weeks period, which speaks volumes about her expertise…

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