How low can #bitcoin go?! #stocks #trading #investing #crypto #sp500 #nasdaq #stockmarket #nft


  1. You were the one who was keep on saying about it going up after Fed meeting and you made the vdo after the meeting when it went up!!! And next day it went down, you are picking your 2nd statement vdos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. instead of talking nonsense admit that you said that BTC will go up. You tell 500 screnarios and then 1 of them comes true, but you never predicted anything…. And btw you get paid for your discord where you give your analisys + predictions (if there are any)…

  3. Omg your video yesterday said look in my discord I said stock set up to bounce then they falll hard next video he says see I said 2 days ago they will fall see hahahah omg omg omg hahahaha can’t stop laughing. That discord is full of sad sad fools 😅

  4. Lmao you gave 2 scenarios and now you use this you said its gonna bottom at around may 4th. I didnt buy anything but like don't act as if you predict everything

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