How I'm Investing In 2024 & What I'm Buying

Its about that time everyone… the year we’ve all been waiting for is here. How does everyone plan on investing their money?


  1. These are very valuable rules for anybody who wants to get rich. Unfortunately, most people who will watch this video will not really be able to apply the principles. We may not want to admit, but as Warren Buffett once said, investing is like any other profession– it requires a certain level of expertise. No surprise that some people are losing a lot of money in the bear market, while others are making hundreds of thousands in profit. I just don't know how they do it. I have about $89k now to put in the market.

  2. Happy new year 🎆🎊🎈 nice I value your perspective and content!!depending on this current administration is a total failure I really have a question For someone with less than $15,000 to invest, how would you recommend we enter the crypto market? I am at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally what's your take on this approach?

  3. I’ve been on Veve for maybe 2 years but admittedly haven’t hopped on in a while. There were a few I liked but couldn’t afford them at the time. Maybe I need to take a look again. Just ones that remind me of my childhood.

    What are a few of your favourites (not necessarily investment wise)?

  4. Sir Kim is known for his transparency and honesty when it comes to fees and charges. There are no hidden costs or surprise deductions when investing with him. This level of transparency is crucial in the trading world, as it allows investors to accurately calculate their potential profits and make informed decisions.

  5. Funny you talk about NFT’s. I do think there will be a big resurgence but mainly with new artists. Are you taking about VeWorld and their NFTs?
    I like Eth, XRP (for the shorter term), Solana and Doge are my current favs. I built my Consulting NFT on Solana and put a big bet on that when it was unloved at $8 and supposed to go to zero. Theta should have a nice run.

  6. You can't really go wrong good dividend stocks. The companies stock price might not go up that much year after year but every quarterly or twice yearly (even monthly) the companies you invest in pay you for basically doing nothing but keeping you money invested. Almost like having a nice easy second income without lifting a finger.

  7. Thanks dude, for all your vids and being an honest person without all the stuupid hype.
    Thanks for a few vids too that helped make my decision with a few things. Hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year 2024, year of the dragon 🐉

  8. I am interested in you making another channel on non crypto assists I have both and was just wondering what others are doing. I'm really into the condo market because more people cant afford a house now I also know some about art, real estate, antiques classic cars

  9. As an investment, Block Sailor BLOCK has surpassed all of my expectations. The teams knowledge, passion, and dedication to openness are unsurpassed. Participate in the presale to be a part of this fantastic success story!

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