How I Would Invest $5,000 Into Cryptocurrency in 2020

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  1. hey what is the best platform to buy dogecoin and other crypto currency ? and what is the best crypto wallet to keep everything secured ? I would really appreciate any advice from you!

  2. Great common sense approach….my current task is to find away to buy some crypto to get some experience…so far I have been unable to without paying silly margins (plus 50%) on local markets, or the extreme KYC on centralised exchanges…I am a little worried about both id theft and Govt tracking…how concerned should I be? (Australia)

  3. I am considering something similar to your portfolio except roughly swapping around the positions of eth and btc, I know this is a raised risk, but is it a stupidly raised risk? I guess what I'm asking here is, how much riskier is eth to btc?

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  8. Out of all the bitcoin channels I have followed, your channel is the most open-minded, clear, and educational channel I have seen. Your videos are always so spot on! This video in particular is so great. Hope to one day discuss the future of bitcoin with you in person. Thanks so much and keep these new videos rolling out!!

  9. Wow! you totally gave me something much more sensible to consider. Would you apply this same metric/Percentages if you had 10K to invest? or would you change something. Thats what I'm battling with right now and I've heard some way out there methods & tactics but sounds Ultra risky and unnerving. Thanks Man!

  10. You totally have me a while new perspective! I asked and yet again you delivered! That was one of my issues with checking my phone at 2 and 3 am to see if what I did was a good move. You are the man of the people. Appreciate it!!

  11. If you’re going to invest in a small cap project with all the upside in the world I would buy Origintrail (Trac 70 million market cap) it’s been approved by GS1 (helped make the barcode) and is going to revolutionize the supply chain industry

  12. Although I disagree with you a little bit.I respect your strategy and see where you’re coming from. Unlike you my portfolio name is “how not to sleep properly at night” lol

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