How I Made $1,400,000 in 2022 with Trading


  1. People who makes millions will never want you to learn or compete in the race their in
    They wanna keep it all for themselves
    Bitter truth but thats facts
    Either they will sell courses to make more money or start youtube and brags stuff to get you in the market so you can lose so they can win

  2. Thinks. A lot of people needed to hear this including me. As Americans we are programmed to believe that the following year should be better than the current one and so on. Even the stock market in which we trade acts and behaves this way. If a company's forward guidance is projected to be less the following year than in the current year, Wall Street punishes them for it. Same is true when their sales and profits decline year or year.

  3. Ok so here are the things that are wrong.

    1. Showing himself in a private jet.

    2. Says one month he will make 400k then next 30k then next break even. Doesn't say he lost money.

    3. Everyone has a bad week or month.

  4. I learned to find a strategy that fits my personality and take it to Professional level, optimize it, work on mindset to be strong. Finding an edge. Do journaling. Get tradezilla. Enjoy the journey❤

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