How I get more than 60% WIN RATE with this Trading Strategy – Forex Day Trading

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  1. Hi TradingRush, may i know if you scroll through all the pairs to look for entry, how many pairs do you enter ? on 5min chart. as i am following your way of browsing through the pairs but i tend to enter trades in all the pairs that i see showing same trend and structure and macd rules, i understand correlation is important hence i need to ask you . please respond if you see this! Thank you, should i lower only trade one of the pairs showing the best pattern or trade both of the correlated pairs ? , or should i just focus on 1-2pairs like all the ftmo interviews, they only look at most 2 pairs, so they can understand the pairs like their wife… as they say… i like eurjpy and eurusd.

  2. Can anyone relate to this? At the moment I am trying to use the MACD strategy with an additional hidden divergence confirmation. I am trading on about 10 major currency pairs at 5 min charts, looking for trend confirmation on M30. The times I am trading at are 10:0013:00 London time (London session). I am not getting even close to a 50% win ratio after 50 trades in real-time and I have no clue why as with the backtesting I am getting the results of about 60%. Is everyone trading on just 1 currency pair? Shouldn't the results be very similar as the indicators are based on the mathematical values? I've got like a million questions in regards to how I am supposed to be trading and I always seem to have good results on paper with any strategy and shit in real life.

  3. Honestly your videos make me feel like a savant. I’ve compiled notes on a lot of your strategies and I utilize them especially for high momentum stocks, OTC included. While I don’t trade any Forex, after 3 months I’ve got an 89% win rate with my account up +380%. Thank you so much. Life changing.

  4. Thank you very much for the content. But I beg to differ with the results you got with the MACD indicator. I created a trading bot that followed all the conditions that you set. I backtested it using the mt4 strategy tester over a period of 5 years on the 30 min time frame. Though it did not blow my account. It was not consistently profitable. There was absolutely no progress in the first 4 years then it made about 50% in 2020. I don't know why that happened. Let me know what your thoughts are…

  5. I like your analysis very much but I'm more of a BRUTE FORCE guy. Because it takes out the weakest part of trading: the human.

    I have a strategy that relies on the MACD for the entry, 200EMA for confirmation and ATR for the SL/TP and i have to say, so far it works like a charm to just rely on numbers and math. No resistance lines/areas, no pullbacks. Just a fixed ratio that is generated with the 3 indicators above. WR so far is about 55%.

    I won't tell how i do it, i just want people to know that it can be done. To judge the market you have to be experienced but to brute force your way through just needs patience and time (and basic knowledge of math).

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