How FTX Went Bankrupt | What Went Wrong | WSJ

Former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was hailed as a savior of crypto before FTX’s implosion. Cryptocurrency exchange FTX was …


  1. Dein Kanal hat mein Leben wirklich verändert. Ich studiere und recherchiere schon seit einiger Zeit über Krypto und bin irgendwann in der Lernkurve hängen geblieben. Jetzt kann ich sagen, dass ich mein Verständnis dieser ganz neuen Welt wirklich verbessere und jede Woche große Gewinne mache, alles dank Ihnen ❤

  2. The price of BTC declined over 15% and even trade below 16k. Binance opted out to bailFTX, resultin in an increase in selling pressure… The market is bleeding and many altcoins such as eth, bnb, ripple are down over 15%. If BTC fails to start recovery, it could continue to move down. In addition, Godwin Myers has stated his bullish stand on the crypto market. I have made over 22.5 btc from his teachings and his accurate daily trade signal to my trade with just as little as 3.7 btc.

  3. I remember a lot of authoritative figured (like Charles Manger and Warren Buffett) warn about this. They said that it's a bigger fool's game and that crypto is a non-productive financial asset.

    Considering that what they stated is true, but you still wanted to make money on the 'bigger fool' it was a one time trick to pull. However if you didn't sell your stake in these assets once the first numbers came in on rising inflation you can only blame yourself. I feel no sympathy for the fools who lost money here.

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