www.GREATNORTHERNPREPPER.COM I will explain through visuals how Bitcoin/Litecoin (or any other crytpto coin) transactions work, how miners come in …


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  2. Hi there, I've got a question if you don't mind.
    I am new to the Dogecoin.
    I opened yesterday on my phone a wallet and I went one of these websites that give free Dogecoin, I received something like 3.009 DC,
    Today I opened a new wallet on my cpu and I tried to send 1bogecoin to my second wallet to test it out, and I succeed in doing so, then I tried to send the remaining for my phone ( 2.009 Dogecoin) to my second wallet that I have on my CPU, now , the transaction shows that it went through and my phone shows that I send it the full amount( which I have a zero balance now on my phone), but on my CPU wallet account I received only 0.009 , which my total is 1.009

    My question is where did the 2 Godecoins went? Is there a feed for transactions?

    I have backed up both wallets with passwords.

    How secure is this?

    I want to buy a lot of Dcoins ,but this scares me.

    The fact that shows me that I send the 3.009 DC from my phone and my CPU account shows me that I received only 1.009 makes me think.
    Did I do something wrong?
    I miss something?

  3. This was a little basic for a 20 minute video, I already knew all of this and could of summed it up in 5 minutes. Still a good video, you didn't really explain how it worked though, just how a wallet, sending to someone, and mining (kinda) works.

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