How do investors choose stocks? – Richard Coffin

Explore the strategies investors use to choose stocks and learn whether it’s better to be an active or passive investor. — Every day …


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  10. I now know how general investing and the stock market works. Everybody who know the stock market knows how an index fund work. However, the video told that I would learn how "active investors" choose their stocks. (Investing in a index fond is not choosing a stock).

  11. positive investors thinks there are always price inefficiency, so they buy under value stock.
    passive investors believes price fluctuation is temporary, so they buy and hold.
    **keypoint**There is no foolproof way to earn by investing.

  12. Condemning Forex is as a result of you having no clue of how it works and you don’t bother learning about it, the Forex market is complex and the movement of the charts can be mind blowing, because you make money in seconds and also lose money in seconds too, without good experience and perseverance in the market you will definitely loose your interest in trading but nothing like trading with the best signals and with proper risk management and strategy you can make good profits trading.

    Forex trading is a fast growing online stock market where investors/ entrepreneurs trade in Gold,Currency,Crypton Currency/Bitcoin.


    Forex trading requires experience and time and it’s also a very good way to make money online after hours because it’s 24hrs trading and if you have a good mentor or expert to put you through it, you’re going to make it real big from it.

    There are millionaires like Gorge soros, Steve Cohen etc so you’re not exempted from making it if you take your time to do it.

    You don’t have to condemn Forex trading if you don’t believe in it, there are many folks who make a living out of trading Forex, the best way you can learn or trade in Forex is by having a good mentor or expert trader to put you through it and not moving with the crowd by condemning what you know nothing about because some folks fell into the wrong hands doesn’t mean you will too, do your research meet the good experts learn about risk management and then make a move even if it’s a little move but don’t sit in one place to condemn it.

    The best advice you need is the one you give yourself and your mindset is the bedrock of your success.
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