How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY Works | Crypto vs. Real Money

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  1. We don't have real money, and haven't had in decades. There won't necessarily be a crypto trail. Anything dependent on digital/electronic media is vulnerable, especially in time of treachery and unrest. It is amazing that the private sector is implementing what tyrannical governments have wanted to do for a long time. The system may be okay for business purposes, or even limited personal use, but don't bet your house or financial security on it.

  2. Great video but as a marketing person one should look at any business and ask what problem is being solved and what is the benefit to what consumer cohort. I can't figure out the answer to either of those. That $1 bill you were holding works just fine if I only want 25% of a Starbucks coffee.

  3. Hm. Was on board until…

    "You put real money in to buy crypto… you then have to sell your crypto to someone else in exchange for real money to cash out."

    FIRST of all… fiat currency is not money. Let alone real money. It is currency. A medium of exchange, not a store of value.

    Crypto is "real money" way more than fiat currency is.

    SECOND… why would you sell your crypto for fiat currency?

    Video started off good and then completely missed the mark. Sorry

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