Hit 7 Figures in the Crypto Bull Run 🐂 My Bear Market Strategy Revealed 👀!! (Step-by-Step)

Ready to make a fortune in the next crypto bull run? Here’s my step-by-step bear market strategy that could lead you to seven …


  1. My Confession – I bought a shitcoin on my way home from a night out, had too much to drink, was awake for like 21 hours. Accidentaly added an extra 0, woke up in the morning and was down 30%.. 5 figure loss was a pricey lesson!


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  2. Got rekt in the last memecoin era with those "racing projects" had hams but sold right b4 it pumped a few hundred percent.
    So i was determined to search for that next giga pump on a token but only lost on that getting dumped on lol.

  3. I buyed spiritswap token, I invested like 1140$ in this project and it goes to 28$. the project was good, but the fantom bridge hack took all the devoloper fund. now, they are closing the project. I invested my 55% of my portfolio on this project. It was my biggest mistake.

  4. hi LOC. as always thanks for sharing straightforward, concise videos with great tips! got a quick question as a crypto beginner. when you said you are amassing stables mentioning a few of them matic, axie, solana, do they count as stablecoins? I wasn’t sure if they are when I googled to learn about them more.

  5. Confession – Brand new to crypto, I took out 3 loans totalling 15k and then made 100k from Shiba Inu in May 2021. I then got to the bull run and proceeded to lose all of it. I participated in TGE price discoveries, bought the tops/sold the lows, and learned what slippage is among other things.

    In the recent bear market, I then lost 20-30k in bad investments, and not taking profit. There are so many lessons to be learned!

    I am thankful to have a good job and a determination to not give up. I know I will make it though so I am not quiting crypto. I just had to pay a heavy price for tuition.

  6. Charming and beautiful as always, and I'm not only talking about you, but also about the video itself: D

    Lady, what do you think about NEAR Protocol's prospects for the near future and the upcoming bull market?

  7. Lady of Crypto, don’t sleep of the ZKSync ecosystem. Vitalik mentioned it specifically on Lex Friedman when talking about Layer 2s. I’m buying up all projects on that ecosystem

  8. bought a meme shitcoin on Arbitrum just after pepe ripped…. straight to zero, I've learned though and only put change into it, used to make trades same size as normal trades. Great video, I cant find the link for your Research structure? would really like to read it, is it on your Discord? tks

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