History Proves 97% of Crypto Investors Will Miss Bitcoin Parabolic Move

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  1. I saved and bought the previous bottom at around $29k and this most recent at $35k. More money on the sidelines waiting to see what happens next. Looking at the volume I see us eventually going lower and hitting the $29k levels again. It’s all about patience and being able to just sit back and relax.

  2. To be honest, I prefer your TA over your look at the news, as long as they are not really relevant to the 18 year cycle. In some sort major new will be seen in the charts first anyway.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and bringing this content to us even during these boring times 💪

  3. I stopped following many many shilling channels and their out-of-a-hat predictions, and only a few sensible remains. Jason's is one and an awesome and valuable one. Thanks man

  4. Jason – please explain why you think real estate is a good investment at these valuations and low interest rates – should we not wait for the bubble to pop? (I'm in Canada by the way)

  5. I'm 35 and my husband 42 we are both retired with over $3million in net worth and no debts . Currently living smart and frugal with our money . Saving and investing lifestyle in the crypto market made it possible for us this early even till now we earn weekly .All Thanks to alexis susan welsh..

  6. My original investment is well down from last April. Yes April, I know right, bad time to have started. Taken everything off incase it goes right down low but understand now about what you are saying if it shoots up. Going to put a third in.

  7. Jason, I’ve been listening to you every day for two months . I’ve been invested 100% in real estate since 2014 and have been buying crypto only since December 30. I listened to the 18 year cycle video and agree. I plan to be about 7% invested in crypto

  8. I want to buy bitcoin, but I don't think now is the right time to fomo in. I want hold it for 10 years plus, so I can wait and hope there will be some sort of a dip to around 31k in the future.

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