Highly Profitable Leverage Trading Strategy +800%

We are today looking at a Highly Profitable Trading Strategy that is aimed at Leverage Traders. This Strategy was inspired by Kite …


  1. Live trade/backrest this on global commodities like crude, natural gas.

    Also one question- What is the average number of candlesticks in each trade? Is it too time consuming or what?

  2. Thank you for all the videos you do, I was fortunate to have stumbled onto your videos. this strategy is quite intriguing. I would love to see you live trade this strategy. So many traders claim "the trend is your friend" This strategy seems to be countertrend, it also seems like losses in this strategy would come from pullbacks within a trend. Am I correct in both these assumptions? Thanks again

  3. Good stuff. FWIW, as far as stop losses are concerned, Austin leaves that up to the user and their own risk tolerance, etc. His stop losses are usually very tight, meaning that he can lose 5, 10, or more times and one win will still make it profitable. For those reading, I'm NOT saying you should have tight stop losses; I'm only noting what Kite does.

    Also, regarding divergences (just for those who may not know), he still "uses" them, so to speak, but doesn't bother checking for them anymore because in his experience almost all proper ABC entries have a divergence. This being the case, he just runs with it. 🙂

  4. Great video! I love how you used the script to take the subjectivity out of it. You could use 2 additional filters. Since the theory is very similar to Elliot Wave you could only enter at equal lengths of A & C. Also look for divergence on the lower timeframe for the end of C to snipe entries.

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