HIGH PROFIT 1 Minute Chart Scalping Strategy Proven 100 Trades – RSI+ 200 EMA+ Engulfing

This highly profitable scalping strategy on the 1 minute chart performs very well in this series of 100 back tested trades. This goes to show how easily a decent …


  1. CAREFUL ANYONE NOT USING THE TRADINGVIEW VERSION OF THE ENGULFING PATTERN FINDER. Their version doesn't signal A LOT of actual engulfing patterns and the results are much better because of this. Whatever the tradingview engulfing pattern finder is doing makes the signals much better. So do not trade this with any other engulfing pattern signal. Thanks for watching!

  2. my question is, if you make let's say, 50$ benefits per trade, how does fees/commissions affects you? is it possible that these fees are higher than 50$, which is the earned amount exposed in this case?
    many thanks for your help, great video btw!

  3. I have a problem when opening 1 min chart the candles are not full but only few of them only small lines left from candles, when I switch to akashi candles they show nicely but the engulfing bear and bull do not work on akashies, any comments?

  4. Idea seems worth checking out. Candle patterns hold quite a lot of force. But man… That manual backtesting is some cavemen shit right there. In the amount of time you spent testing, I wrote up script that finds best permutation of indicator inputs for my strat and literally crunches through thousands of hours per minute.

  5. hey trade pro PLS REPLY
    you say that there's low fees and no spreads in crypto world. yes there are low fees to be found but how do your say there is no spreads? the btc spreads having the highest liquidity have very large spreads as I can see… do you wanna imply that the price movements in the scalps would be large enough to mitigate the effect of those large spreads????

  6. Here is a question for the group. I really like this channel and this group. My question is what platform is best for crypto trading with this strategy? I have started utilizing Trading View and love it. Im looking for the best crypto broker that will interface with Trading View. Thanks in advance!

  7. How to make this better:

    On buys, even if confluence is there with the 200 ema and the engulfing signal, do not take the signal if the rsi is over 70 (overbought).

    On sells dont take sells if rsi is below 30 (oversold).

  8. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  9. I just back tested this myself 100 times and my results were WINS: 42 LOSSES: 58 which is resulted in a profit of 26% before fees. Hopefully i can somehow optimise to improve my results. Anyone have any ideas?

  10. In fact we used same indicators & Bullish/Bearish engulfing pattern finder that you taught!! And we even used same pairs and some more pairs to make sure about the strategy! So far we have tested the top 4 strategies on your list, but our results in different pairs are far from yours.

  11. Your testing is great; however, you are including ALL signals that occur 24/7. Not realistic when a lot of the signals happen when you’re sleeping.

  12. Are you sure about the results? We tested this strategy 100,200,500 times (if the coin had that history) on 1m, 5m, 15m and 30m charts for BTC, ADA, ETH, DOT, BNB, FILE, XRP but the maximum % profit 5.98 % ! it just wasted our time ! Most of trades are closed at next candle by trigger Stop Loss ! even we tested it with ATR !

  13. Unfortunately, I replicated this strategy (on tradingview) from April 20, 2021 on btcusd 1 min timer, and the results were terrible. 35 wins, 65 losses, -0.33 Gain in account… what gives?

  14. hey trade pro
    in the beginning of the video you say that there are very good chance of finding no spreads and super low fees in crypto space. could you please elaborate? every forex broker has high spreads especially in the crypto pairs…. thanks a lot
    btw as soon as I become profitable I'll be doing a sizable charity in your spirit in my home country because your videos has been awesome so far

  15. I papertradet this strategy on the Futures Markets. The result are good so far, around 45% winrate, 1:2 R, so profit factor is around 1.6, after 80 papertrades. How would you filter the signals? Any recommendation? I took divergence, but unfortunatelly the results was not significant better. Thx for comments in advance!

  16. Seems very promising, right now I'm not in a position to do this but if I become profitable, I'll make a sizable donation to you, thanks a lot mister.
    Btw i have a video idea, could you do a 'how to' video about using crypto futures with these strategies. Forex brokers are old useless compared to crypto exchange futures imo.

  17. Im in your debt kind sir thank you I subbed and you've changed my whole approach to trading and I'm finally headed toward continuous profit im 2 and 2 right now going for 10 concecutive wins then all star mode

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