Here's Why Bitcoin Just Crashed

Bitcoin takes a dump, now what for BTC and Crypto? 40% OFF ALL COURSES FOR 24 HOURS ONLY – ACT FAST! Bitcoin: …


  1. Your videos are always excellent, and I appreciate how you maintain a level-headed approach to market analysis while still keeping them engaging. Utilizing daily trade signals and insights from Flora Elkin, I’ve been able to capitalize on market fluctuations and increase my earnings via day trading. Day trading deserves greater attention due to its resilience against market unpredictability.

  2. The altcoin course does not reflect the 40% discount on the link you emailed, but the bitcoin and trading courses do. Is the course $297 with the discount? Not sure how it works cause it doesn’t say 40% off like the other links

  3. The crypto market is making billionaires even richer. They buy and sell buy and sell. They pay money to advertise this coin is going big and then they sell and make another pile of money. The reality, the crypto market is only for the very wealthy.

  4. Thanks! Your video calms me down everyday I watch it when the market is pumping! I'm going with your insights. It makes the most sense with where we are at in the cycle. The only thing that would make me think this cycle could be slightly different is the overall increased adoption of crypto since 2019 and all the hype with the BTC/ETH ETF speculation. Could the market stay held up this cycle by the anticipation of ETFs and the overall awareness that a bull run is coming? The surge is speculated to possibly be the beginning of a massive new uptrend, making it a crucial time for investors to pay attention, I've personally benefited from following Tammy Brockman trading tactics, amassing 13 bitcoins in a short period of four weeks period, which speaks volumes about her expertise….

  5. 643,572 GBTC bitcoins that were locked up until they were transformed into ETF are now available for sale for the first time. People bought them at a reduced price -40% and now they are starting to take profits.

  6. Hey Lark, have you considered doing a video on Tectum's DAG-like structure and lightning-fast TPS as a new architecture for blockchain that could stabilize Bitcoin

  7. What do Aave, Infura, Onfinality, Status, DeFi Kingdoms, Trust Wallet, Arcadia, Biconomy, and OpenOcean have in common?

    They're powered by $POKT. Web3 runs on the original DePIN,


  8. To be honest. Since we feel it's going to go down. I feel it might dip a lil bit more just under our key levels because of those big sells (wich they know whatthey are doing) just to bounce hard since the buyers are there on any lvl

  9. $ordi more important now it’s starting like btc purpose but it’s 13.000-17.000-20.000$ later it’s a gem unisat is the answer Elon post about it u can safe data’s and Videobands on this Chain so much potential for 1000x the brc20 pressuring

  10. First we for Years (!) we have listened to the ETF explosion, ETF money on the sidelines, ETF and the biggest Blackrock and ETF hallelujah 🙌..

    Now ETF came and nothing.. Or less than nothing a "correction" downwards.. 😮😢

    (Not that I need or care of this little bit of "correction" when I just HOLD.. But it would be nice to see the hyped "explosion". It is jut the channel credibility that got a "correction" in my mind. 😅)

    No mention now, of the non event ETF.. Until after 17min..

    So hyping a non event that is buy the news and sell the event. (in short time a anyway let see what the trad economy does on Monday). 😅

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