Heiken Ashi CHEAT Strategies For Scalping & Day Trading (Forex, Stocks & Crypto)

In this video you will discover: • What is a Heikin-Ashi chart (heikin ashi explained for beginners) • Heikin ashi vs candlesticks, the …


  1. Although i love this heikin ashi strategy, its hard to scalp low time frames with HA candles since the price isnt the exact price of normal candles. Hence, your entry price will differ from the real price and this could screw up your risk to rewards right? Do you have any thoughts on this?

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  3. Haven't seen much of such informative to the point videos, since most use to sugar coat the main content with so much of unnecessary gibberish just to elongate the overall video!
    Hats off to you sir, You got a fan/subscriber ./.

  4. As a beginner your trading tutorial regarding HEIKEN ASHI is very understanable and useful to me the use of RSI 50, 70 &30, when the line crosses 50 trending up and down also, the candlestick formation. Can you please show some actual or current demo of buy and sell?, thanks

  5. How do you place orders on these kinds of charts? The values don't work the same as normal charts. Entry at current market value and stop loss at the HA value?

  6. WOOOOW!!!! JUST, found ur channel tonight. Ima go on tmrr when I'm more awake, & LIKE all ur Play Lists. Ty soooo much, you guys ROCK. I'm pretty new, not a novice, but have A LOT to learn. Focusing on scalping, & LEAPS… 1-2 wk. long options don't interest me in the Least. Luv ur channel………… TY once again💜💖💚🤘"YOU ROCK" G'ni😚

  7. What timeframe to be used with heikin ashi for crupto intraday trading. I am very confused on which timeframe to select and i am a beginner 😞

  8. Do you know if the RSI strategy could be effective on 5 min time frame? I have just come across heiken ashi and really love the look of it, however ive heard its not good for time frames like 5 min as the price is not reflected properly, the lag is too much etc

  9. Any candle with a long tail or wick is telling you that the market does not want to go that way anymore right now. Set SL a few pips above the wick or below the tail and take the opposing position to the nearest SR level. the win rate of this uber simple strat is nuts. Knowledge of candle structures, special candles, and SR levels is all you really need. Adding other stuff requires knowing how to properly use it. Myself, i mostly use key MAs with this. I have other toys in the arsenal but they don't really serve as entry triggers, more like strength of move signals or possible exit points. As you get better at trading you can add toys to your collection and try to ride the moves more then just one SR level. Just remember the main rule. Ideally the shadow is bigger then the candle. Big candle with fair sized shadow is ok but a bit riskier as market is likely to retrace part or maybe even all of the big candle but is likely to continue in the direction of the big candle ultimately. small candles are telling you that the market has little strength going that way….big rejection on top of this…. don't ignore that.

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