Hands-on Elixir & OTP: Cryptocurrency trading bot – Ep 2 – Create a trading strategy

The second video in the series dedicated to learning Elixir & OTP by creating a cryptocurrency trading bot. We will focus on …


  1. Hello Kamel, thanks a lot for your tutorial, by the way, I also bought your book and I wish you all the best. At 7:46 I don't know why you divided by tick then you multiplied again by tick, there is no sense doing that. You did something like "(gross / tick) * tick" which actually is just "gross" then you convert it to float. I saw also you did the same in your book. I didn't get it!!

  2. Hey Frathon! Really nice course you put together, I'm really liking it. Thank you!

    Quick question: how would one use Binance's testnet in this project? I tried generating my API keys and substituting the ws endpoint as suggested in https://testnet.binance.vision/, but after starting the trader and streamer processes, nothing happens. Any ideas?

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