Halal Ways to Trade Crypto #halalharam #crytpo #cryptotrading

Halal Ways to Trade Crypto #halalharam #crytpo #cryptotrading Come grow with Ahmed on a journey towards Financial | Time …


  1. Why is this type of trading halal, but not forex when it's the exact same thing, and you only trade with the currency you have in your account without using leverage?

  2. simply:-

    halal trading :-

    1) stocks exchange but only when you got official equity

    haram trading:—

    1) forex exchanges
    2) commodities
    3) cryptocurrency.
    4) stock intraday trading

  3. Can you please clear that copy trading is halal or not. I am thinking to copy on Bitget spot. They will also get profit from my share. I thank i will also gain loss. There is no video on this topic

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