Grab this FREE Crypto Airdrop! How to Get the Access Protocol Airdrop

Cryptocurrency airdrop hunting is an amazing way to make easy passive income. Today we’re going to look at how to get the …


  1. What address do I use on the phantom app. I see the there is ACSOL address but no ACS for the access protocol. How do I get the correct address from the app?

  2. That airdrop is candy theft.
    total supply of ACS after year 5 is like 147 billion tokens.
    after burning your hard earned candy, your $ACS airdrop is automatically put into a creator pool, no contract listed, and we are redeeming on a google doc?

    I've been scammed out of my candies before… Not this time.

    Trash reward.
    You wont get tokens for at least a year.

  3. this kind of retweet and likes for worthless token is the most cost effective way to motivate people, in reality people use real money, that they can spend no matter how small it is….the harder way to do this is bitcoin faucet, it's very small amount, and all they ask you is your bitcoin address

  4. Vosk what did you go for? Do you think it’s worth going for the 2500 ACS tokens for 6000 candies or just doing the 1000 ACS for 2800 candies? I haven’t really used candies for much so stacked a nice amount… sucks you have to wait a whole year but it does mention you can w/d you rewards from staking so is that before the year is up? If we get everyone on the channel to all go in same pool maybe get a few dollars back lol

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