Genius Crypto Marketing Strategies From A Billionaire

This Marketing Strategy Will Change Crypto Forever***** Huge sorry to the crypto community .


  1. If you stay invested and ignore the market's ups and downs, you'll make a lot of money in the long run; however, a severe market correction causes a lot of margin calls and sell-offs, driving the market even lower. People get greedy in this bull market and it's extremely irresistible.

  2. My strategy to become a millionaire is to hold, hold and keep holding WMT a token that uses it blockchain technology and tokenomics to bridge the communication gap across the globe
    With this current market situation I’ll keep staking on WMT

  3. I was wondering if the gatekeeping by the centralised shilling crypto YouTube influencers like Elio, lark, Chico, crypto
    Tips, cryptotube, etc etc and the crypto media generally is because they see a truly decentralised blockchain like Pulsechain as a threat to their staked eth investments?

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