Gary Gensler on cryptocurrency landscape and growth in digital trading platforms (Full Stream 9/21)

Gary Gensler, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair, is one of the world’s most powerful financial regulators and a key …


  1. Also no one can ban bitcoin so stop harping on Gary, by “regulating” it he’s making bitcoin more acceptable in the eyes of government. Hes basically putting the training wheels on bitcoin so all investors can feel ‘safe’ therefor making bitcoin more mainstream asset.

  2. I love how Gary talks, he super intelligent and isnt blinded by anything. Pointing out bad business in China Gary also basically says USA is not innocent of failures regarding the 2007 housing crash. The banks loaned people money very well knowing they couldnt pay it back. And governments back banks. They got a huge bail out and tiny slap on the wrist

  3. Gary Gensler is perhaps one of the weakest, most traitorous SEC leaders in all of U.S. history. It's extremely rare that an SEC chair would do so much to harm his own country while claiming moral superiority….

  4. Gensler ? Hopeless individual.
    Read a book on blockchain then thought he could teach college course students. Watch his pathetic knowledge on YouTube for a laugh 😂
    Let’s talk NYSE & the hedgefund computer servers closest to that exchange front running retail investors orders instantly before the retail orders are even processed. All don’t by algorithms in milliseconds ahead of time. CHEATS that are allowed to continue under SEC.

  5. All of you are too old!!! and need to stop treating Crypto like FIAT. I rather take my worthless Fiat and buy BTC and ETHE. The evil banks and all the C-Suites are done!

  6. 26:00 – 5000 – 6000 "Projects" are securities. This means in my understanding all Layer 1 and all known ERC-20 Tokens (which are on Uni/Pancake/Sushi… Swap). I watched the whole course from MIT and i have to say, i did not expect that statement. Also, stable coins are no good (casino coins/wild west) and only one currency policy (1830-1860 has proven this). Hmm, his course received such good reviews and comments but maybe he was only a good moderator and did not share the opinions from the students at all.

  7. Does anyone else find Gary's repeated comment that pvt money or currencies typically don't last very long. Seems fiat currencies avg +/- 100yrs. Let's see did the US $ become a fiat in 1913 or was it 1971? Either way seems BTC could very well outlast US $

  8. So earlier people used to prepare, consume and sell Liquors but then Govt. entered banning it and started selling for the people.. This is what legalisation you guys looking for .. If you are so concerned and honest why there is Fiat currency crisis .. The Crime nixon did then is still going on and so you must correct that on priority and move to cryptos..

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