Futures Trading Strategy | Never Loss Strategy |

In this video I will tell futures trading strategy. Most of the new beginners make these mistakes and loss a lot of money. First Plan …


  1. Ham baat yah hai na agar Ham stop loss ya take profit Ham ISI Tarah lagate Hain ki pers Karen Ham 25 send ki loss mein ho hamare stop band ho jaaye ya $1 ka loss hamara trade band ho jaaye humne karna hai main kahta Hun ki isko Ham 1200 per sel Karen to Ham idhar jo hai na position mein 1200 likhate Hain theek hai na agar Ham usko percentage per lekar to percentage mein fayda hota hai ya 1200 mein fayda hota hai ISI Tarah is Tarah kar lete hain to 1110 lagate Hain mein $180 ka nuksan hota hai video de de aapki meherbani Hogi

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  3. Always do your video for those that doesn't understand India language.Enable the caption so that people can subtitle the video to there language.that is y I have not subscribe to your VIP class.i believe alot are also facing the same challenges

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