Funny Thing About Love

A successful business woman takes her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving only to find her family is scheming to reunite her with …


  1. Not going to lie at all– I am a really big fan of Jason Gray, also why I'm watching the movie. These are my thoughts:
    -What is their obsession with pumpkin pie? I understand hinting at something but this is kinda gross.
    -Why is the grandpa so flipping creepy?? I am concerned every time he is in a scene
    -Is this all just satire? I'm so confused.
    -This writing is boring.
    -I'm still confused
    -I looked away for one second and regretted it, cause now I have no clue wth is going on ??
    -I wish we knew more before renting.

    Overall, not very good. Don't recommend it unless you're into that Christian-type film stuff.

  2. I love Jason Gray to pieces (my main reason for watching the film), but the script writing for this was just too stitled and contrived. The camera work was awkward at times and the actors' timing antipated the next line way too often, like they knew already what the other person was going to say. I was hoping to love this, but…

  3. So I am 64 years old and streaming and/or casting to a TV illiterate. Also close friends with K Von and his dad. Guess what? Just figured out how to buy the movie on my laptop and cast it to my Sony smart TV!!!! Damn I'm good!!! Proud of you K Von!! Great movie!!!

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