Full-Time Trader Making A Blast In Cryptocurrency Trading – Houston Truong

In this live interview, I discuss with full-time trader Houston Truong. We discuss cryptocurrency trading, what to work on as traders, …


  1. Its a PONZI scheme … I won't ever trade cryptos because all cryptos are essentially worthless. Cryptos fail as a currency due to their volatility and are only useful for speculation. The developers and insiders have made a small fortune from investors meaning that if everyone wanted to cash-in their investments there would not be enough money in the system to pay back what you invested. Cryptos are a SCAM. The only crypto that would be worthwhile would be one that is backed by government as it would be stable and guaranteed to some extent. I understand that this freedom from government control is supposed to be one of the benefits of cryptos, but it is also a major weakness. I can't trade something that is essentially worthless as the only reason the price can go up is because of speculation and not because of any true intrinsic value.

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