Full SMC Strategy – Step by Step with Trading Plan

Trading does NOT have to be complicated. Here’s a simple 2/3 timeframe strategy that you can utilize right away in your trading!


  1. like and subscribe already on last video. thanks for the SMC videos. Did help a lot for understanding. You've even given a solid trading plan for it so everybody can check up on himself and his chosen trades. awesome!

  2. One question, at what point do I start analyzing the graph? which session? because I'm in doubt at the right moment to make my septub and at what moment to wait to start evaluating the highs and lows and then find my point of interest and then wait for the moment. Would you help me? thanks for the content

  3. This strategy is simply the best! 🌟 However, there's just one drawback: it requires a lot of patience and we might miss some setups. Thanks a lot, bro! 🙌

  4. You changed the way i trade. All this time i was looking for strategy that can give lower stop loss. Im glad that i found you. Im forever grateful to you. Thank you thank you thank you. Your video is so informative and easy to understand and follow. Please don’t stop making good contents!

  5. hey @Ara i came back for the second Time to tell you your smc strategy works and i am thankful you explained it well but i can here specificly to ask if i can use it on a smaller time frame like analysis on the 30M then entry in 5M or 15if possible..???????

  6. Ara I am confused before this swing low there were 2 others swing lows, both of them been violated and created an OB and FVG how could we identify that those 2 previous swing lows are not the right ones to consider?

  7. I bought SMC course to get the bigger picture of this strategy, but the course was very complicated and a lot of confusion all I can say is you’re the best best YouTuber who explain the SMC strategy clearly. I wish I could see your video before I bought that course. Thanks for the time and efforts you put into this video much appreciated mate 🎉

  8. Right on time, intermediate trader here whose tightening up my market structure,imbalances & order flow & fractals concepts.. thx for painting the clearest picture for me… I totally had that light bulb 💡 ✨️ moment… thx a mil

  9. Thank you so much brother for this tutorial. This is the only SMC Strategy Model that's provide clarity on me starting from bias to entry. Straight forward and clear. After watching this video, I applied it on my trading and I gained profit immediately. Perfect!

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