Four Price Action Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Price Action)

Price action, probably one of the most important aspects to understand when trading. In this video, I give you four different tips to …


  1. Ha ha ha, of course price always return to the average, but the average is moving, it is not a fixed number😂😂😂you can't buy a security and sell its average

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  3. This is a great video I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post, I learn a lot watching your videos and it has always been helpful to me. Building a steady income is quite difficult for newbies.. Thanks to Mrs. Katherine Flores for improving my portfolio. keep up with the good videos.

  4. For salary earners having a passive source of income is the best thing you could have , because aside the the fact that it isn’t always enough you could lose your job any day at any time , have something to fall back to is crucial , for me it is trading the Forex and Crypto market and no I didn’t have that much knowledge to begin to earn that’s why I said passive income, I leave the profit making to the pro like my Advisor ' Nolan Velden Brent who has been doing a wonderful job.

  5. terrible advice on the FIB, the most important markets to have on your FIB are the ones that show the golden pocket, 0.681, 0.65, and 0.786.
    other than that nice, video, but you should update it

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