First & Only Registered CRYPTO OPTIONS Exchange in INDIA!

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  1. I sincerely appreciate the dedication and effort you put to educate people in your channel thanks mate please I have been making huge loss on my trading account. How can I change this situation

  2. Why is the government controlling forex trading, international trading, and commodity trding? It's just because these markets can not be manipulated by indian punters like they do indian stock market

  3. Guys its better to do all trading with platforms not registered with Indian government. Cause they are no less then goons who extort around 40% of your hard learned money.
    I think guys we should also revolt in any way we can

  4. I traded in the delta Exchange india, They are deducting so many hidden charges and brokerage charges are quite high. This is not a genuine platform for guys so be aware of it. Since I used to trade on future contracts in swing trading I moved to coindcx exchange it is much better. Only people like Pr Sundar can trade in Delta Exchange, This platform is not common man like us.

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