Find the Best Altcoins to Day Trade (2021 Tutorial)

FTX Crypto Exchange: In this video, Koroush provides a step by step tutorial on how to trade altcoins for beginners. He show you …


  1. This is the lesson I have been looking for. So many video are about the technicals once you have found the coin/ currently you want to trade… but finding it in the first place – that’s the challenge. Thank you.

  2. People in the space are a little too conservative because they don't put in the factor on the risk tolerance of the fact that things are 100 to 1000xing. If I can put $100 in 100 different coins and expect the performance that a lot of them will double some will lose and just one might 100 to 1,000 x I don't feel like the risk there is that high honestly, not in your macro strategy

  3. Hahahahah how he is putting his link to access this trader so that he is making a commission of everybody how is signing up with the, he is not much better as every trading guru out there start getting some real knowledge read book don’t listen to scams like him

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