Fibonacci Trading Strategy

A Fibonacci trading strategy can be extremely useful for every day trader. In this video I show you how to set up the perfect …


  1. Peace, i want to ask one favor about fib, it's been few a weeks that i have been watching your videos i will watch all of it, i saw different fib retracment changed settings, which one should i watch or which one should i use? if you could tell i would be really happy

  2. I believe fib levels are most powerful when there's confluence with a key support/resistance level only.
    Otherwise it just seems very inconsistent.

  3. Why are drawing the fib to different levels? in the example above you are going farther below the bottom and on the upswing you haVE drawn the fib to a higher level than the top? So which fib line in your opinion should be touching the bottom when drawing a retracement and which fib line sould be touching the top when drwoing the fib for an extension. Because the it is shown in the above example, it just seems random choice in both cases. That is drawing the fib for retracemend as well the extensioin. Please clarifiy this point. Thank you.

  4. Im a newbite, and I dont plan on trading cripto fot the simple reason- it has not fundamentll base, zero. Today is here, one day will crash. Unless the world, Europe, US etc dont sit down and have some regulation on it. Cripto for me can turn into scam at any moment, bcs of that reason- zero fundamentals, just energy of buyers/sellers. Tnx for the Fib lesson.

  5. Yes bro, you are really good. Thanx for helping. I need more informative videos.. I need to learn more and more from you.. Unfortunately cannot subscribe to your paid plans due to extreme short of money. But learning everything that you teach on Youtube. Thankx a ton.

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