Fibonacci Trading Strategy Cryptocurrency – Advanced

Fibonacci trading strategy is a bit more advanced will be a bit hard for a beginner to pick this up straight away. Watch out for scammers Pretending to be me in …


  1. Hey mate I want u to test a strategy using 2 ema s of 10 and 20 and also using another indicator zigzag++ in 5 minutes time frame…tell us what will be risk to reward ratio using this strategy..the rule is simple when 10 ema line cross 20 ema line then we should enter a long position…hope u should test it and share the results..

  2. this one was very good. advanced a bit, will try this one out. can you put out a supply and demand coupled with fib also. the trading explenation at the middle to the end was werry good. i think your channel is the best. keep up the good work

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