Fibonacci Trading Strategy 4 (Should I Buy?)

This video explains when to buy into a Fibonacci retracement and when not to. Get Tradingview Pro for next-level charting: …


  1. used your fib lessons today and it worked great!
    I was wondering if you always use the 15min time frames for the 'how to sell on fib' section?
    Reason i ask is because when i used this method, the price went a lot further than i expected. Maybe I was supposed to use the 1Day chart to draw the Selling Fib Retracement?
    Thanks for answering my questions !!

  2. Hi, when you refer to the volume of each trade section (at the bottom) does that relate to the size of the candle it's aligned with? It seems to relate a bit to the size of it but not entirely.

  3. Love your videos. Quick question- Is there a way to activate a trailing stop sell at a specific price? Lets say market for bitcoin is $100 and I want to sell using a trailing stop but I don't want the trailing stop to become active until the trigger price is met at $120. Is there a way to delay the activation of the trailing stop until the trigger price is met?

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