Father Of Crypto currency Trade & Mining In Pakistan | Waqar Zaka | Wahjoc Tech

Bitcoin Important Facts | Crypto currency Trade & Mining | Waqar Zaka | Wahjoc Tech #Bitcoin #Crypto #CryptoCurrency …


  1. Aik setup bnien wahan log aate han guidelines b millein ge wahin newly rgitr logo ko members b jitna invest krna ho ga initially apki team chalee ge phir idea ho jae ga logo ko practically Kam krte han istaha members ikathe krna b mushkil hota ha aur smaj b Kam aaati ha logo ko AP model town me aik setup Shuru krein phir extend krte han issse

  2. Zaka Bhai aij do cities me aik setup lagein aur advertise krein log aien gecaraj SE unk members b pure hmmm initially apki team chalee ge Baki log invest Karen ge phir unko idea ho jae ga so practically Kam krte hah AP model townnme bank auqre waali side pe 5logbbihein chota sa setup phir btein Shuru krte han hmm mil k discuss krte han phir extend krein he issse

  3. Great Video, Crypto and Blockchain is future A decentralized networking platform based on smart contracts, together with NFT technology, which brings people together from all over the world independence up endless possibilities new economic financial systems.Forsage is really best #forsage #xqore #bnb #crypto

  4. جب بٹ کوائن 62 ہزار ڈالر پر تھا تو تو پاکستان کے قرضے اتارنے چلا تھا ابے سالے مروا دیا تھا تو نے آج بٹ کوائن انیس ہزار ڈالر پر بھی اسٹے نہیں کر پا رہا

  5. Are dumb You can't take out all money from atm because of your own security.there is a limit just in case your security is compromised so someone does not leave you bankcrupt .just go to back they will give how much you need.

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