EXPOSED – ICT’s #1 Favorite Trading Strategy (Hear it From ICT Himself)

In this video I share 3 simple and easy steps to ICT’s favorite ICT Trading Strategy. DIRECT MENTORSHIP APPLICATION …


  1. i wish u talked more about timeframe usage of it like last example was 1H MMSM what if i wanted to enter on the lower TF? i’d assume its the 5m but yeah very helpful video

  2. Favourite 🙂 But genuinely this is a really good video, you've honestly explained it well and the diagrams and examples are really actually good to visually see. It's hard to visualise it, well for me it was when ict explained it in the space call, but this helps alot. I'm going to send your clip to a family member for them to look at as well as this will help. Thanks Jessie

  3. That is NOT what he said. He said, if you listen, that of all that he has shared PUBLICLY, these would be his favourite methods. But he has mentioned in the past that there are better techniques he keeps in reserve, private, for himself and his family ONLY.

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