Everything You Need to Trade and Swap Crypto [Bitget Tutorial]

In this lesson, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the fastest growing crypto trading platform in the world, Bitget. This easy to use, …


  1. I appreciate this, Bitget continues to grow and they now have over 8M+ users on their platform. Apart from the Merkle tree they also launched a protection fund worth $300M, fantastic!!

  2. It's fake I can't withdraw my money from it I contact with the customer service they said you should do more transection I tell him I not need to do just I need to withdraw my money

    I keep seeing many comments posted "does not work in the USA" even though it's already been answered multiple times…
    1. If you live in the USA (or other unsupported countries like Cuba), there is no way to use Bitget without a VPN
    2. Also, since KYC requires you to have an official ID from whatever country you use for VPN, you will not be able to submit KYC
    3. Since you cannot KYC, you cannot fund your Biget account using your bank or a credit card
    4. The only way to fund it is to buy USDT or USDC on another exchange like Coinbase, and transfer those stablecoins into your Bitget wallet

  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to add more fake money when demo trading. Like, If you're practicing and you get wiped out, is there a way to reset your funds or add more fake money to keep practicing?

  5. Great tutorial! I hope that you'll check out LeverFi. They recently launched their Public Beta, this platform ensures transparency in all trade transactions. Lots of features are being integrated as well.

  6. I look back on the year 2022 , and how freaking hard , I mean how hard did BITBOY CRYPTO, AKA BEN ARMSTRONG , HE BROUGHT THE HEAT EVERY DAY , he pounded the crypto / bitcoin drum harder than any 100 people you can think of, ofcourse not without all his crew / family / and BITSQUADE. Everywhere you looked last year , there was BITBOY , screaming about Gary ginsler, and I think he just may have screamed loud enough for him to take a early retirement!!! Lol!!! We will see.. great job BEN..YOU GOT LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE RIGHT NOW …ENJOY IT!!!

  7. The Bank Secrecy Act requires crypto exchanges that conduct "substantial" business in the United States to register with the Treasury Department and comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

  8. Got to be honest. You guys don’t seem to know anything about trading… Just seem like influencers shilling crap. Never copy trade, they tend to get wrecked!

  9. Aj, loved the video and not only did I just start using bitget, i also got the bitlab indicator stack and love them. side note, i noticed you had a yale sweatshirt on the other day thats awesome i live in north haven and worked in new haven probably while you were going to yale, small world!

  10. I don’t trust any exchange. Why should we trust BiGit because you say so? Come on man. A Merkel tree they manipulate makes them trustworthy?!

  11. Biggest advice I have is don't leverage trade unless you're okay with losing all your money. It will take you a long time and many losses to become a competent trader. Have the stomach for it or just buy and hold.

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