everything recorded $500-$100,000 in 1 yr. Mark my words. #futures #futurestrading #trading


  1. So im lost and would really hope someone can clarify for me. Is it possible to trade MNQ on tradovate with just $500? Even though the initial margin is just about 1300, so wouldn’t that mean you would need to put up 1300 just to execute one contract?

  2. I see exactly what he did
    1. he set a stop loss at a small percentage
    2. He reset the stop lose when he was about to be stopped out to a larger percentage.
    3. He took off his stop once he realized he would’ve got stopped.
    4. So he let it run on the one (put losing ) until he got confirmation that it’s going down. And that prompted him to buy 2 or more extra puts to recoup the loss.

    He played it correctly but he capn ya with the video edits. Ppl that don’t know what’s happening will be gullible

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