Every Crypto Trader Right Now

THE FELLAS FELLAS TOUR: Jacksonville, Miami, San Jose, Tacoma, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chigaco, Cincinnati, Columbus, …


  1. lol funny thing is the new DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology) ISO 20022 standard will be rolling out next summer. Federal Reserves FedNow service is mimicking the technologies we real crypto enthusiasts have been studying, using and building on top of.

    Crypto traders are like day traders with stocks….you lose a lot and you win some. Hahaha this was funny tho.

  2. Bro this is the most accurate portrayal of Crypto traders, being one since before all these pumps and in NFTs before BAYC even minted I can tell you this 1000% accurate holy fuck lol

  3. Whatever this guy is, he is NOT a trader. A Trader earns money when the coin rises and when the coin falls. This might be a Hodler or however those lunatics call themselves.

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