Euro Drops Beneath $1, Bitcoin Bear Market Continues? Live Bitcoin Trading!

Welcome! In this livestream we will be discussing the recent Bitcoin price action and what’s happening while I answer all of your …


  1. Thanks Michael. Always appreciate your efforts. You are a knowlegable and fair voice in this space. And I am always learning from you. THAK YOU.

  2. Everything below $20k BTC is a sucker-pump designed to catch people out. That doesn't mean don't buy, it just means don't go all in when you buy the bottom of each drop to resell some at 20% of each sucker rally. No ones knows where the real bottom is, we just know it was not $20k and it wont be zero either. Higher lows and higher highs we are seeing are not organic, they are manipulated to build "the bottom was 18th June" FOMO. We are in a recession, heading to a depression. To keep beleiving the same eijits who created the situation is not the right play.

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