Ethereum WITHOUT Vitalik??

4000 active devs: Istanbul upgrade: …


  1. Heidi. You said "scam coins" milliseconds before you said Shiba Inu, as if you were implying that Shiba Inu, which is a Top 20 Cryptocurrency, is a scam coin. I hope you're not a female version of Bitboy Crypto, that would be sad. I'm going to give this video a DISLIKE just for poor form in having the word "scam coin" so close to Shiba Inu.

  2. No, he deserves a break. Bigger fan of 'languages', than specific 'programmers'. Rust for systems and Julia / Quantum for Maths, than C++. Future is 'generic' cross-platform working, rather than any specific 'flavour'. A plane takes multiple views and is more robust. It can survive an engine outage.

  3. Well, no matter if he is looked upon as a genius or not. Be interesting to see if this whole project survives given the pending time that will come when the debt market sells off and everything comes plunging downwards when many are saying that 97% of ALL altcoins will get slaughtered. To me, this will be the real test of tests. My money is on bitcoin ALL THE WAY!

  4. Thanks Heidi. Always interesting listening to your videos.
    Being new to crypto and still learning about the intricacies of crypto, I have a question.
    If I’m holding ETH on a cold wallet such as ledger, should I be worried about anything post merger?

  5. Vitalik might be a genius, but does anybody read his actual tweets? You can't honestly tell me he doesn't have a few screws loose. I just don't trust my hard earned money in the hands of single individuals like this as we learned from the Do Kwon and Luna kerfuffle.

  6. Congratulations Wendy – You are living well — you are glowing, as if you are with child … if not it is all that sun, surf, and good living. Toby you are a lucky man.

  7. Vitalic is a front man, a lighting rod for blame if all goes wrong,, Like Bill Gates or Elon Musk who is groomed from the start to be the front man for tesla, receiving DARPA technology thats really stolen patents , on orders and ready to sabotage the market like the troll he is. It wouldnt suprise me if Vilalic does the same,, all my humble opinion. of course, good video, keep'm rolling

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