In this video, I’ll show you my Ethereum price prediction and analysis of why we could be seeing a rebound in crypto here this …


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  2. I’ve been with you three months now and although you’re always a little early, you have proven to always be right…patience is what I’m learning from you my friend

  3. how is you are 20-30% healthier than others is you are in negative going down and buying dips when the market goes up to your 1st point that you bought are just braking even and from there you making money, OMG WHAT IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT UNBELIEVABLE. You need to buy from the bottom going up in sections when the market goes up. that way you making money right from the bottom and going up by the time I get to your 1st buy, you will break even, and ill be in profit.

  4. Men I love you video, great analyse and you made it very very very clear that you sell your product and that results are good. I am considering buying it, but for the love of ETH, please limit the amount of self promotion, it would make it so much more enjoyable.

  5. Always on point with the information and technical data! So glad i'm an OG in the Fam from the beginning.. Love you guys!

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