Ethereum Is About To Rocket Towards $3k! The Perfect Opportunity To Buy Low & Sell High!

We have been anticipating this Ethereum set up for a while exercising patience to wait for this high probability set up. We were …


  1. Always admire your content, Can you please share your thoughts on Alethea AI? It brings NFTs to life by using AI that transforms simple NFTs into intelligent NFTs. Would love to see your review on it.

  2. There have been 3 pump and dumps in the last month and probably over 50 since the end of last year and the massive sell off. 2021 was again all about pump and dumps, only with mass amounts of leverage.
    How on earth is ETH going to double in price when any rise of 5% is sold into? I ask what is the point to crypto if all it does is act as a Ponzi scheme with all the pump and dumps?

  3. What about macro economics.
    Eth follows btc. Btc follows the stock market.
    Pain in stocks is not over yet now the new results season is coming… Fed will rise rates again and not a little bit… No man your theory is just theory that maybe works in normal markets but everything is all but normal now.

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