Ethereum Explained! 🚀 (Ultimate Beginners’ Guide! 📚) How Ethereum Works 💻 & Why it's Undervalued 🤑

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    Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. This video is the ultimate guide for beginners about what ethereum is, how it works, and why it is undervalued. Let’s hit it…


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    CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!)

    00:00 – What is Ethereum vs Bitcoin?
    00:45 – What is Blockchain?
    01:00 – Decentralization Explained
    02:05 – Transparency Explained
    03:15 – Immutability Explained
    04:00 – Blockchain's Role in Ethereum & Bitcoin
    05:00 – Bitcoin vs Ethereum Differences
    05:50 – DeFi or Decentralized Finance
    06:10 – What is Ether?
    08:00 – Why Ethereum is Undervalued
    08:45 – What is Gas?
    10:45 – What is Proof-of-Stake
    13:40 – How the Ethereum Network Works
    14:55 – Smart Contracts
    15:40 – Ethereum Virtual Machine
    16:20 – Dapps
    17:00 – ERC-20 Tokens
    18:00 – What are Tokens
    19:40 – Developments on the Horizon
    20:20 – Get a Hardware Wallet!
    21:38 – How Crypto Wallets Work
    21:45 – How Bitcoin Works (EUREKA MOMENT!)


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    WHAT NEXT? 🗺

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    ❤ Be safe out there.
    —Crypto Casey

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