Epi. 1 – ₹20k to ₹2 Lakh Crypto Investment Challenge In 2021 – 10x Returns From Crypto Investing

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  1. This video is NOT trading advice! Risk aur responsiblity aapki hoti hai YouTubers ki nahi! Ham content banane wale log hain, thoda dhyan se vishwas karna mere jaise youtubers pe please <3

    Also good luck!

  2. sip karo lekin koi nayee system ko test karne ke liye … you can run two sip's based on two different systems and no real trades but just videos and spreadsheet update and info on commissions and slippage and bid ask spread

  3. Nice bro ❤️ super bhai btc agar 100₹ ki lete h 80₹ milti or1000₹ ki 37.78 ye kya chakar h bhai I am coin sawich, wazirx,coin DCx pls reply bro 🤔👌👌👌🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 wetting…..


    HARD WALLET मे कैसे रखे '
    कौन सा ले hard wallet ?
    इसके कया लाभ हानि है ?

    Full process का एक video बनाए ?

    आपके विडिओ कि आदत हो गई है और जो बताते है उससे संतुष्टि भी होती है ?

    Plz ASAP जब आप COMFORTABLE हो जरूर बनाए


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