EP03 – Crypto Investing | Tamil | Best Wallet & Exchange | India,US,UK,Europe,Asia |138$ Free Crypto

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    21 EPISODES on Crypto Investing series – Playlist – https://bit.ly/2ZfGrZu


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    This post and all others are NOT financial advice & I am NOT a financial advisor. I am only trying to teach the process in a simple language. My opinions are not recommendations, always do your own research – DYOR. Please consult a professional financial advisor if you need financial advice. Investing in crypto & shares poses an extreme risk of of funds! Manage your personal risk based on your own personal situation.


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    Please make sure to watch EP01 and EP02 before EP03 & EP04 and deciding to invest for the risks involved in Crypto Investing.



    EP01 – கிரிப்டோ கரன்சியில் சம்பாதிக்கலாமா? – https://youtu.be/QVStxkh5JdM

    EP02 – My portfolio , Price Chart , Tax & Further Updates – https://youtu.be/GBtMy_dAbqU

    EP03 – Best Wallet and Exchange for buying crypto | 138$ Free Crypto – https://youtu.be/lB8SoThSkNs

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    EP06 – Beldex and Tron Coins | Tracking prices and portfolio – https://youtu.be/DN9HQSvbuNM

    EP07 – My favourite crypto wallet |50 $ Bonus|- CRYPTO.COMhttps://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY

    EP07.2 – In India How to get 50 $ Bonus & withdraw Immediately – https://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY

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  2. Very very useful 👍🤠.. but I'm watching these videos nowadays (2021 December). your update s in twitter I could not understand maximum.but I'll try to understand.i can understand coming days.
    But if you put analysis video includes your all videos, it will be very easy & help ful.🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟

  3. Anand Sir why I can't able to deposit money from my SBI account? It's showing "your bank is not supported for this deposit mode" what to do please help me in it Sir.

  4. Hi Anand
    One of student always talk about Crypto, but I was Zero, decided to learn about + watch a few other yt, never get it until start watching ur’s. Thank you so much, I am learning a lot, I am just in E03, long way to go to start investment? Do u think so ?

  5. Sir You explained it very well and carry . This is the first video saw it very well . And I directly saw the third episode . I want to know more about this. And this is my all time first comment to you sir 👍.

  6. Bro
    Where I can learn some best knowledge

    Poor people what we can buy
    As cripto ?

    Is India have cripto ?

    Cripto can buy via bank??
    We can take money via bank ??

    Bank put any tax ? At withdrawal??

  7. Vanakkam brother I am Jayalatha from Bangalore. I am house wife and looking about future investment business and your videos motivated me lot and I am new to Bitcoin and Crytocurrency. I don’t know how to buy bez new to this brother . Plz guide me.
    Tq brother

  8. ஆனந்த சார்.. வணக்கம்… தங்களின் ஆலோசனை படி இப்போது நான்காவது எபிசோட் முற்றிலும் பார்த்து விட்டேன்… தெளிவான விளக்கம்… நன்றிங்க சார்…. கார்த்திக் கோயமுத்தூர்.. 🙏☀️🌻💓

  9. Hello sir, Really appreciate your content. Much needed. While trying to create an account with coinbase from India it is asking for our debit card details. I tried raising query to coinbase but they havent responded yet. If you know the reason please let me know. If its not too much trouble 🙂

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