Emergency Press Conference – My shitcoin announcement | Dave Portnoy | Safemoon | Bitcoin Trading

My shitcoin announcement. Invest at your own risk. I have no idea how this works . #cryptocurrencytrading #bitcoin #shitcoin …


  1. Thank you Dave for getting me into safe moon at the top and getting me into SCR @ $35…..truly brilliant picks, because everything he does is brilliant. – oh, and stocks ONLY go up….and Buffet is laughing his ass off

  2. I want a front row seat in the court hearing where this idiot learns what profit disgorgement means. I also want to hear the judge rant about his recommendation to get in on the ground floor of the ponzi scheme because SURPRISE…it is a ponzi scheme. Why pump this for the scammers that invented it when you have a successful business already? I bet they paid him for the clout and gave a kick back. Smdh at people’s greed.

  3. They're listed on 12 exchanges, passed a Certic audit(ranked #23 by them), developing their own wallet, developing their own exchange, releasing a debit card, partnered with Simplex(VS/MC), might be creating their own blockchain(rumor as of now), partnered with the Gambia government for its citizens to use SM as payment, developing their own Mincraft server to show additional "proof of use"…
    What's Bitcoin done?
    What's Doge done?
    Cardano?…et. al.

  4. You my friend I feel knows what’s good! I’m the same way you ride or die! Rip dmx. Let’s fucking go! I’ll buy you a drink oneday in appreciation cause I know! You were ready to! And stop playing.

  5. welcome to another pump-then-dump scheme: 50% of the total supply is held by Safemoon creators. Gamble on, Army! Get into the gamble early enough and sell before the whales do it!

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