Elon Musk's Crypto Master Plan

Bitcoin was heading on Friday for one of its worst weeks, while dogecoin rose, as the latest tweets on cryptocurrencies from Tesla …


  1. There was a post yesterday announcing the startup of an Elon Musk backed crypto trading company allowing people to get a start for $ 400.00 USD! Apparently this will be available in the US, Canada and Australia to start!

  2. Musk as an advocate of crypto currencies and the inventors of specific crypto currencies will have a great advantage as methods of honest or moral payment for good and services due to the introduction of the QFS. Indeed, l suspect that crypto currencies will move to gold backing because soon some cryptos will go in that direction, and soon there will be more crypto entering the space as gold backed currencies anyway. This is why they may become a good investment also not just because the value of each cryto is rising due to demand and the safeguards of trading or exchanging crypto for goods or services through the block chain arrangements, but because the value of the investment in them and using them to make payments, is solid.

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  4. Theres only a handful of coins that are going to make anyone even relatively new a millionaire. Ill tell you one of those thats almost a gaurentee .. KISHU INU. In this market thats the best chance for anyone to become filthy rich. you can get 7 for a penny so do the math, would you rather 1 safemoon coin or 7 million KISHU INU coins?? Stop wasting your time in coins if you didnt get in on them early enough, dont count on buying a handfull of coins that are a few bucks each thinking your going to make any real money off them. Doge, your too late same with shiba. GET KISHU INU BEFORE ITS TO LATE. Thats my word im not even gonna say to the moon cuz ill be spinnin donuts on the moon while these other coins strugglin to clear the atmoshpere. real talk

  5. Elon is useless, only helping Gates inject everyone with poisonous vaccines. And Elon has six kids but he cares nothing about the world's most suffering children worldwide. What About the Palestinian children?! Terrorized with our #taxdollars. And the true Tesla, was ripped off.

  6. elon has gone from people champion to cockwomble. he was never that powerful this is so much bigger than him !!!! so pls stop talking about cock rocket boy ! this is collective governments trying to get us away from money they can not controle….. fuck him like it takes no energy to mine lithium for batteries Really are ppl that dumb please

  7. It's not his tweets that move the markets its his Billionaire friend's
    It's all a show
    Everyone with any sense can see bitcoin is pure marketing and manipulation and useless
    Prooof of work is the elephant in the room

  8. Call me conspiracy theorist, but what we're seeing is the coronation ceremony of the new, eternal crypto king – DOGECOIN. One king to rule them all. Who is behind the fall of Bitcoin? Elon. What did he say? Bitcoin is not environmentally friendly. He also owns the energy company Tesla. He's one of the foremost evangelists of renewable energy. What does Bill Gates have in common with Mr. Musk? Green energy, crypto (Microsoft has patented a body-activity-based crypto mining tech – Neuralink connection, anyone?), saving the planet. And Bill Gates owns shares in Musk's companies. It's very obvious where all this is going. These Elites are all working together, none of them is your friend. Did China ban Bitcoin use? Yes. Will China accept any crypto in future? Yes. Which one? My money is on Dogecoin (or another one that will have the fingerprints of the Elites all over it).
    It's a conspiracy theory, I agree. Please forgive me.

    EDIT: Our traditional financial systems, AKA traditional banks and paper money, are going to be killed for crypto to take over. That crypto will be Dogecoin or another one specially created (by the same people) to substitute it.

  9. MR Paul Baron, thank you for your info and taking the time to speak comfortably for to be able for hearing each word as you explane the matter of what you are speaking about , thank you again ,,

  10. if warren buffet said that he is going to invest like half a billion dollah in a particular stock ,thru the holy media ,what would that do to the stock ? point is Elon is doin the same but directly to THE PEOPLE via twitter .welcome to the future financial system.

  11. there is nothing rational in must tweet, it is a 12 ear orl kid resonnaing and the consequenec are terrrible for now on, people must learn to think by them self than following blindly false guru

  12. elon has no master plan on anything. he has even figure out how even theoretically possible to move people the mars. he spits whatever across his mind. he didn't even do any research on BTC before and after. pay attention to whether he can even deliver cyber truck by the end of next year.

  13. Ya who put Elon in charge the people of earth or the ETS manipulating him to use technology to take mankind’s freedom away. The Truth Is Mind blowing nevertheless the Truth is the Truth. Slaves of your masters wake up or be there slave to death.

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  15. Why buy doge when there is cheep bit coin. Doge coin top price 10 bit coin 1 million.soon as Elon has made his money he will tweet doge is crap and loose every ones money. Like he just done with bit coin. He made Moor in one month than tesla in a year then crashed the market's. Do the ops it to Elon and you could make some money.

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