Elon Musk explains his views on Bitcoin (B Word Conference)

At the B Word conference, Elon Musk explains his views on Bitcoin, what it is, and his current investments in altcoins such as …


  1. Elon, Crypto is nothing more than Zelda Breath of The Wild. Multiplatform Elon Coin app anyone?
    Elon, Your messianic education from Michael Rood is vastly more important.
    The Deep State have a nasty fraud charge plan against you.
    I think they'll back off if you comply with Mr. Rood. // It's a three step process, 1. Get in. 2. Learn. 3. Get out. // I know you recognize the format.

  2. @ elon musk. Mr musk I have this idea of helping the amrican dollar not go down by some how making a crypto currency of the usd coin but I'm stuck and I have no clue how to code is it even a good idea or no if so the ideas out there to anyone bso hipfuly someone does it

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    tommorow isn't promised, trading bitcoin,
    gold, silver and Crypto secure a better

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  9. lies to get you to love him, wake up lol, this is just an other rich Guru type like Jim Baker of the source familly only even richer but wanting his big commune look it up man! lying to his 20 woman saying how God changed him etc lol are you gonna beleive his crap like the dumb people did in the 70's with guys like Jim Baker lol. No 50 women but and the lies are a little different but same type of crazy man, so are you gonna be in his little sect, cult lol omg how people are so gullable and stupid. think about it it's the same thing only in 2022 style. Listen to me I am your dady lmfao.

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